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Spank Em Hard
Studio: Bacchus

If you like all male hard spanking action, you will love this video. This great new spanking video has 13 models in 8 hot spanking scenes. Mark spanks...

Star(s): Rod Garetto, Jeff Golden, Scot Arden, Shane Shepard, Eddie Perez, mehr...
Vulcan Amateurs #19
Studio: Vulcan Amateurs

Star(s): Kenny, Vincente, Zeno

Abandoned House Bondage
Studio: Sockgagged Studios

Aston is led into an abandoned home gagged and blindfolded. He is tied and stripped! Aston struggles the best he can but in the end the mummification ...

Star(s): Christian, Ethan, Aston
Royal Raw Auditions 3
Studio: Puppy Productions

Nathan Douglas & David Heydon are fascinated by Lee Wright's P.A, soon show 'n tell turns to lick 'n suck, Lee's first. Nathan joins Sean McKenzie & B...

Star(s): Danny Michaels, Nathan Douglas, Sean McKenzie, David Heydon, Kyle Lucas, mehr...
Bareback Tool Times
Studio: Lucky Youngsters

For these horny Euro Stud twinks, anytime is Tool Time! It starts out innocently enough - 3 guys installing 4 new tires on their car. First a cigarett...

Star(s): Dario Dolce, Freddy Artese, Claudio Martens, Petr Kovcis
Black Lust White Passion
Studio: Bacchus

12 Great looking, horny black and white guys together in seven wild sex scenes. A perfect blend of hard black studs with blonde white boys that will ...

Star(s): Dave Watson, Randy Cochran, T.J. Swan, Tony Macedo, Cory Monroe, mehr...
Bill's Buddies #5
Studio: Bill\'s Buddies

Ronald is a 23yo hustler who likes to fuck younger guys and talks about his first gay sexual experience. Bill wants Ron to put a larger dildo up his a...

Star(s): Rick, Troy, Steven, Al, Ronald
Workin' It Up
Studio: Video 10

In Workin’ It Up, Alexandre Pleintempts and Alain Medio play two workout buddies who go back and forth telling tales of unbelievably steamy sex to bre...

Star(s): Alain Medio, Stephane Longulieu, Julian LeCoq, Jeremie DuNord, G-Zon Beauleu, mehr...


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